Pimp's and Hoe's Ball

June 27

Thursday June 27th don't miss the Rick's Pimp's and Hoe's Ball. Here Ye, Here Ye, you are invited to Rick's Pimp's and Hoe's Ball. This is a Ball like no other, where the more funky you dress, the cooler you are. Break out the Cheetah print suit and the boa, break out the pimp cup and get to the ball. Everyone is going to be dresses in their finest sexiest outfits, so make sure that you come dressed and have a pimptastic good time. We will feature half priced appetizers from 10pm till 12am. Get yourself into a VIP Cabana with these bottle specials, Hennessy VS $299, Grey Goose $225, and Don Q Rum all flavors $150. If you can't get your groove back with those awesome specials then you may want to check your pulse.